Saturday, 11 February 2012

La Bottega Milanese

La Bottega's second site, in The Light, is that rarest of coffee house gems - somewhere which stays open late at night! It styles itself after a Milan espresso bar and its warm welcome and stylish design support that - although, having never been to a Milan espresso bar, I'm not in a position to confirm!
I took the wife for a coffee field trip and she loved the food, loved her mocha and was thoroughly impressed, describing it as "the best coffee shop I've ever dragged her to." I took the double espresso today - using their guest coffee, a Honduran light roast from York coffee. It's sweet and light flavour was delicious, and I loved the habenero spicy aroma it kicked out, but, as is the way with the heartbeat which is espresso, it's gone too soon!
I got chatting to the barista, and you can tell these guys are really serious about what they do. Beans roasted this week - 16g for the Honduras, 18g for the house blend (a closely guarded secret, with Brazilian arabica and high altitude Indian robusta - from Bolling.)
A fantastic surprise as I was about to set off was a complimentary shot of the house blend - outstanding! A little darker roast than the Honduras, with a dark chocolate speed bump in the centre of the palate.
Beautiful coffee from passionate baristas. Outstanding service and food and an absolute must for any coffee nut or gastronome visiting Leeds.

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