Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Bottle Kiln, West Hallam

I was lucky enough recently to drop by the Bottle Kiln and take a shot. Their reputation makes them one of those "must see" locations on my barista hit list and they sure don't disappoint.

It's admittedly a crummy photo, but the decor and ambiance (nice though it is) isn't the main attraction here.

I was lucky enough to arrive in time to sample a competition sample from Peter James which was a medium roast Rwanda. Speaking to their chief barista (I've really got to start learning names!) I found out that he would have like it a little darker, but the macchiato I had was absolutely wonderful!

A full rich body of syrupy dark cacao with the sweet acidity of Valencia oranges was mindblowingly good.

After years of drinking generic brown sludge packaged a gourmet coffee the revelation is like being born. Espresso is amazing and everyone needs to know.

If you're in or around Ilkeston the Bottle Kiln is Michelin star good (as evidenced by its barrage of BSA awards, UKBC and SCAE commendations)

Miss it: Miss out!

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